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Farm Manager: Mr B V Ndhlovu

Tel: +27 40 653 8033/4/5
Fax: +27 40 653 8036
Mobile: +27 (0) 72 621 7336


Functions of the Farm and Produce

Fort Cox institute Farm is situated on about 1400 ha land size, it is broken up into 60 ha of cultivated land and the rest is utilized as grazing area for livestock. The farm infrastructure entails farm offices, a shop, chicken and red meat abattoirs, shearing sheds and other livestock handling facilities. The farm further have the fleet of about seven tractors with implements, 3 ton track and a one tone LDV. The major role of the farm is to provide an enabling environment for students learning and practical training for both academic (Diploma) and RDC (short courses) programmes. It is therefore, important that the farm infrastructure be maintained, and further developed to its full potential. In delivering on its mandate, it is fundamental that the farm partners with private sector, as a means to access leading edge technologies, fast tracking the development of these resources, and thereby maximize utilization of all the natural, built and social capital of the Institute.

Cultivated land
Currently, the Institute farm is producing vegetables on 25 ha, which get sold to the various markets in the surrounding area. Popular crops produced include cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, beetroot, potatoes, carrots, lettuce and spinach. In addition to vegetables, the farm also produces maize in summer (20 ha) for silage production and Lucerne for winter fodder. Currently, there are 20 ha of ryegrass and oats for Dairy cows in winter. The farm has also a small citrus orchard of 2000 trees comprising mainly of oranges and naartjies.

Since this is an institution’s farm, it therefore, has to demonstrate all domestic livestock that are of economic importance in South Africa. The farm keeps two beef herds of the Bonsmara and Nguni breeds with total size of 170 cattle. The farm further runs the smallstock section composed of sheep (140) and goats (71). There is further a dairy herd of 20 Jersey cows.

The institute farm currently slaughters about 2000 birds a month which are sold at the Institute shop situated at the farm premises. In addition to broilers, the Institute also has about 1000 layers which produce on average of 18 000 eggs per month.

The Institute farm endows a breeding herd of 23 sows and 3 boars, which produce 2 litters per year with an average litter size being 10 piglets. The Institute farm also sells weaners to the local market and abattoirs.  


Cwaru Location

P.O. Box 2187
King Williams Town


Phone: 040 653 8033                    

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