Forest21 Entrepreneurship Workshop and Visit by Project Coordinator

FCAFTI is preparing for the Forest21 workshop on Entrepreneurship which is scheduled for the 02nd and 03rd of June 2022. The Institute is eagerly waiting for this workshop and to welcome the facilitator from Alto University Prof. Patrick Shulist who will be joined by Dr. Eija the project coordinator from HAMK University. The Institute's Council, Management, Staff members and students are looking forward to this visit and Following this workshop, the FCAFTI team will heard to Stellenbosch to join the entire project partners to attend the workshop.

Fort Cox Institute held the first ever virtual graduation ceremony in its "92 years" of existence

In the first quarter of 2020 academic year, the academic fraternity has been marred by the spread of Covid-19 pandemic and as a result, the institutions of higher learning were compelled to adapt new teaching and learning approaches in order to continue operating effectively and efficiently without compromising the quality of education and training or else cease to operate or be rendered obsolete. In the process, FCAFTI adopted virtual approaches that ensured the Institute continued to deliver the academic programme effectively.

2021 Eastern Cape Provincial Heritage Day Celebrations, held at Fort Cox

Heritage Day - 24 September 2021

FCAFTI is situated in the vicinity of national heritage and significance with a rich history. The Institute is proud to have hosted the Provincial heritage day celebration successfully during the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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